A proven technology finally made possible on commercial aircraft.

How it works

Conventional multiple-disc carbon brakes rely on friction to stop an aircraft. They wear very quickly and need constant replacement. Aeroflux brakes use the principle of eddy current braking to stop an aircraft without friction, and therefore without wear.


An eddy current brake works by inducing electrical currents on the surface of a highly conductive disc subjected to a magnetic field. The electromagnetic repulsion between these surface currents and the applied magnetic field creates a drag force on the disc that results in a braking torque.


Our particular method of generating the magnetic field and its exact distribution is patent pending. Aeroflux's proprietary multi-directional electromagnetic array creates a very specific magnetic field distribution across the disc and offers superior performance to existing eddy current brakes of equal volume and weight.



No Downtime


CS-25 Certifiable

100% Interchangeable

No brake replacements required.

Never ground your aircraft for brake maintenance.

Half the lifetime CO2 emissions.

Compliant with international certification requirements.

Install our brakes with no changes to existing landing gear.